Player Difference


FiveM Real-Time Player Count is the best way to check how many players are currently online on FiveM servers, updated in real-time! Data seen on FiveM might be inaccurate or delayed, which is why came up with the idea for FiveM Live Player Count Page!

All data (Player Count, Server Name, Server Icons) comes directly from official FiveM API Service. All player counts are updated every 2 - 5 seconds and are guaranteed to be as accurate as possible!

To search for a specific server, simply click the "Change Server" button below the Player Count Box, type the name of your desired server, and you're good to go! This IS NOT case-sensitive, so you can type, for example, "Los Santos" or "los sAntOs" and it should still work!

If you're interested in watching Player Count battles, then navigate to Compare Page below the Player Count Box or on the Navigation Bar.

Thank you for using FiveM Live Player Count! If you have any ideas to improve the website, feel free to get in touch with us on our Twitter page.